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Scenarios and Topics

In this page you can find a selection of topics to choose from. For each one, you can explore content created by other users and create your own. These topics are also referred to as Scenarios. Scenarios are grouped together in Topics.

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School closure and online lectures

Its September 2023 and due to the spreading of a new contagious virus, front lectures at school are suspended and digital systems are promoted in order to guarantee pupils democratic and inclusive systems to follow lectures and educational activities. Through these systems, students can also access additional content like lecture recordings, interactive materials and more.

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Smart working

Its September 2023 and although the effects of COVID-19 are subsiding, many companies have decided to keep in place agile working approaches (i.e. smart working). Therefore, quite a handful of employees decided to continue to work from their households.

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Lockdown measures

Its September 2023 and in the recovery effort, after COVID-19 forced economical and social shutdown, local administrations enforce some preventive measures. For example, people are allowed to leave their homes only during specific time slots throughout the day, depending on their age.

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Smart bracelets

Its September 2023 and in order to record the spreading of a new contagious virus, the government hands out smart bracelets. Such devices held information about the wearers health condition and body temperature. They also show if the wearer has been recently tested for the disease. Wearing such a device is mandatory to access public transportation and enter public spaces.

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Contact Tracing application

You are at home and you receive a notification on your smartphone alerting you that you have recently been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. However, due to privacy concerns, you are not able to know who they were. You are advised to self isolate, to avoid going out for any reason and to limit activities with your family. You are also encouraged to get tested for COVID-19 as soon as possible.

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EU Support for Local Citizen Media

It’s summer 2030 and citizens are not very interested and informed about EU democracy. EU politics are too distant for citizens. The EU starts a support program for innovative citizen media in local communities. The program provides financial support for new citizen media initiatives. Citizen initiatives are chosen based on competitions and a public vote. The citizen initiatives can freely choose their content as long as it is educational and includes content on citizen engagement/democracy. Special thanks to Anette Sonnbäck, Harry Thursby-Pelham, Lukian De Boni, Petra Pakozdi, Selin Kumbaracı, Stefano Cisternino and Xiaoman Lin for creating this Scenario.

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21st-century Social Contract

Citizens in the 21st century face the tripartite difficulty of remoteness from the decision-making processes, digital illiteracy in the context of complex web platforms, and a lack of motivation to involve themselves in the same. The EU proposed the implementation of an online arena - accessible to all and user-friendly - by which the positions and views of the citizens will reach the legislative process, whether representative or direct. Special thanks to Adam Volf, Elin Schiffer, Gresa Smolica, Nicolas Remilien, Sophie Connor, Sven Mikulic and Weiming Huang for creating this Scenario.

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Assuring High Quality of Services for Citizens

In the year 2030, the global landscape has transformed into an effective, stable interaction of private organizations and citizens. The influence of the EU and other state institutions have weakened over time and consequently, these private organizations become the emerging global powers. These powers are now responsible for the health and economic success of society. Without state institutions, supervision and quality control of services for citizens is largely self-monitored. Therefore, the weakened EU decides to create an independent supervisory institution to ensure sufficient quality of services and address the needs of citizens. Special thanks to Adam Abdalla, Enow Awah Georges Stevens, Inés Satué, Michał Gulczyński, Sosé Mayilyan and Tiago Beck for creating this Scenario.

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Taking Back Control from BigTech Monopolies

It’s 2030 and big tech companies have unprecedented power; they have way more influence than governments and provide public services on their behalf. With the decay of the government, there are fewer incentives for the corporations to continue providing and respecting local demands and values. Local citizens start demanding representation to defend their interests. Given the companies’ dependence on locals as employees and consumers, they decide to create organs leveraging their consumer power to demand local branches to include a percentage of local workers on their regional executive boards. Special thanks to Alliance Niyigena, Dário Cristiano Kuteev Moreira, Francisco José López Vélez and Marlene Straub for creating this Scenario.